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Placing an order is easy. From the main page you can click on the image or the description link. You will arrive at the items description page. You will see a larger image of the item. You will also see another link to other views if applicable.

Also on this page you will see a purple button that reads "Add to Jewelry Box". Click on that button and you will notice that the quantity in your basket has changed from none to one.  You are still on the same page so that you can continue shopping. To complete checkout in this case, just go to the purple checkout button at the top right hand corner of the page!  If you choose "Buy One Now" you will then proceed to checkout.

Add to Jewelry Box = Add to cart and continue shopping. The item is now in your cart and the screen should read "Item is in a/your cart".  If you wish to you can delete the item from your cart by choosing the purple BOX CONTENTS button at the top of the page or use the MINI CART DISPLAY at the top of the category tree. . This will allow you to start over in the event of a mistake or if you just change your mind or just want to check the contents of your cart/jewelry box.  YOU WILL REMAIN ON THE SAME PAGE. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKEN TO YOUR CART.  TO CHECK YOUR CART/JEWELRY BOX: Use the Box Contents button at the top of the screen or the mini cart display at the top of the category list.

Buy One Now= Add to cart and go to checkout.

We only have one of each item so the "Quantity Box" above that "Add to Jewelry Box" button always says one until you place the item in your cart.

If you make a mistake, go to your cart and delete the item so that you can begin again.

Ordering from the category list tree is also easy. All items in the list have sub items. If you click on a category, for example "Signed Vintage Costume" you will arrive at the featured items page.  From here, just click on the image and you will be taken to the items description page just as above.  Follow the same procedure for ordering.

If you want, you can also purchases the item from the Featured items Page or add it to your jewelry box and continue shopping.

Ordering from the sub-links is the same as ordering from the featured items page. You have a choice of seeing the larger view by clicking on the image or you can go ahead and put the item in your jewelry box and continue shopping or buy the item now and proceed to check out.

You can always use your browsers back button to go back one page!


Happy shopping!


Customer Service:

We can be reached anytime via email at  or you can call 617.710.3042 between 09:00 and 06:00 pm est. If you have your mail blocked pending verification please note that we will NOT click on any link provided in your return mail.