Amazing Adornments Condition Statement

When purchasing vintage costume jewelry, compacts and handbags or pre-owned jewelry, compacts and handbags please keep in mind the items age. This is not new jewelry,  the purses were carried and in most cases the compacts were used. None of the items will look new.  We like to think of them as gently used. We often wonder what a piece of vintage jewelry has seen! Where it has been. The stories it could tell!

Also keep in mind that due to the age of some items, especially those with hand set stones, the adhesive used can become brittle over time. When this occurs, the stones can become dislodged. We package our items carefully and ship most jewelry items in plastic bags just in case. Glue can also yellow with age. These are natural processes and are not considered flaws by us.  Remember, costume jewelry was not meant to be kept and then collected years later.

Please also keep in mind that some costume jewelry has unique manufacturing defects such as the extra solder you will almost always find on DeLizza and Elster jewelry. In fact, this has become one of the ways to identify a D&E jewelry item. If we find a manufacturing defect that is well known, we do not always mention it. We try to mention those that are not as well known as the one in the above example. We do not consider these flaws.

Our images are magnified and this can amplify tiny flaws that would not be noticeable otherwise. We note these issues, but in most cases we do not consider this damage. Shadows can appear on the pieces due to studio lighting. Sometimes this can look like damage. We note any damage to the pieces and where shadows are present we try to make a note of this.

In some very rare cases a "mint" item comes along. Mint implies like new and most if not all of the jewelry we sell is used. For the most part, all jewelry (excluding the TLC Collection) for sale at Amazing Adornments falls somewhere between good and excellent. The purses and compacts vary in condition. Please read descriptions carefully as we try to note any flaw we see.  If you would like additional information about any item we would be happy to help. Just contact us. If you have your mail blocked pending verification please note that we will NOT click on any link provided in your return mail.

Below is a table that you can use as a reference.  We provide this so that our customers will know exactly what they are purchasing. We want our customers to be thrilled with their purchases and we believe in full disclosure. In an effort to be thorough, if we see a flaw we will mention it.  We are picky, however please remember that we are human and something could get overlooked on rare occasions.

The first column is the exact term we use in our descriptions. The second column is a explanation of what we mean by the term found in the first column. 


Vintage and Pre-owned Costume Jewelry Condition Guidelines Table


Brand new, never worn.   For vintage or pre- owned, like new-This is rare.


No major wear, no repairs, all stones intact, no broken parts. No nicks or scratches.


Moderate wear [usually not seen unless with a loupe], no repairs, all stones intact, no broken parts. Stones can show very light wear and tiny nicks.

Very Good

Moderate wear usually on the reverse, If needed proper repairs or stone replacements could have been made. Could have discolored stones. Stones can show wear, scratches and tiny nicks. Some stones could be loose. Most wear not visible unless you use a loupe.


Heavy wear overall, but still in good wearable shape. No broken parts. Could have chipping on metal or stones that can be seen without a loupe. Could have discolored and/or missing stones.


Heavy wear...needs TLC.  Usually rare pieces that can be restored to "very good" condition. Can have broken parts.


Good for parts or stones.


TLC Pieces ~ These are all damaged pieces and cannot be returned for any reason.


Very Good

Missing stones that could be replaced. Usually a single small flaw.


Could be missing stones and or parts and will show wear. Could have verdigris. Usually have more than one flaw.

Vintage and Pre-owned Handbag Condition Table

Mint Like new.
Excellent Normal wear and any wear or flaws are not that noticeable.
Gently Used/Very Good Minimal wear, could have some light staining. 
Used/Good Wear is noted and this was a purse that was carried a lot.
Fair Some issues here! Restorable.


Another word about Compacts and other Vanity items:  Most are used and in good condition. If the compact/vanity item has a flaw or is not complete with puff for instance...we will state this in the description. If we state that a compact is unused this means all items are present, the puff looks clean and the product looks unused. The case could still show wear however.