Amazing Adornments Frequently Asked Questions


Table of Contents

  1. How do I order?
  2. Do I need an account to place and order?
  3. How do I order a gift certificate?
  4. How do I redeem a gift certificate?
  5. How do I redeem a coupon?
  6. My discount did not show up.
  7. How do I pay by check or money order?
  8. Can I order by phone or fax?
  9. What are your shipping charges?
  10. Do you ship worldwide?
  11. How soon will I receive my package?
  12. What type of packaging do you use?
  13. What are your return policies?
  14. What are your privacy policies
  15. What happens after I place an order?
  16. I am getting an error when I try to order.
  17. What is your layaway policy?
  18. Is layaway the same as a hold?
  19. How do I view my wish list?
  20. How do I share my wish list with others?
  21. Why wasn't my basket saved?
  22. What is "Make an Offer"?
  23. Do you appraise costume jewelry?
  24. Do you purchase costume jewelry?
  25. Do you accept consignments?
  26. How do I clean my jewelry?
  27. What is a costume jewelry condition table?
  28. When do you remove your sold items?
  29. Can I combine coupons?
  30. I wrote to you and did not get a response. Why?
  31. Do you have a brick and mortar store?

How do I Order?

Placing an order is easy at our online shop.  You can also order by email, phone or fax. We accept MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and Visa over a secure server.  We also accept money orders, cashiers checks and personal checks.

From the main page you can click on the image or the description link. You will arrive at the items description page. You will see a larger image of the item. You will also see another link to other views if applicable.

Also on this page you will see a purple button that reads "Add to Jewelry Box". Click on that button and you will notice that the quantity in your basket has changed from none to one.  You are still on the same page so that you can continue shopping. To complete checkout in this case, just go to the purple checkout button at the top right hand corner of the page!  If you choose "Buy One Now" you will then proceed to checkout.

Add to Jewelry Box = Add to cart and continue shopping. The item is now in your cart and the screen should read "Item is in a/your cart".  If you wish to you can delete the item from your cart by choosing the purple BOX CONTENTS button at the top of the page or use the MINI CART DISPLAY at the top of the category tree. . This will allow you to start over in the event of a mistake or if you just change your mind or just want to check the contents of your cart/jewelry box.  YOU WILL REMAIN ON THE SAME PAGE. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKEN TO YOUR CART.  TO CHECK YOUR CART/JEWELRY BOX: Use the Box Contents button at the top of the screen or the mini cart display at the top of the category list.

Buy One Now= Add to cart and go straight to checkout.

We only have one of each item so the "Quantity Box" above that "Add to Jewelry Box" button always says one until you place the item in your cart.

If you make a mistake during checkout, go to your cart and delete the item so that you can begin again.


Ordering from the category list tree is also easy. All items in the list have sub items. If you click on a category, for example "Signed Vintage Costume" you will arrive at the featured items page.  From here, just click on the image and you will be taken to the items description page just as above.  Follow the same procedure for ordering.

If you want, you can also purchases the item from the Featured items Page or add it to your jewelry box and continue shopping.

Ordering from the sub-links is the same as ordering from the featured items page. You have a choice of seeing the larger view by clicking on the image or you can go ahead and put the item in your jewelry box and continue shopping or buy the item now and proceed to check out.

You can always use your browsers back button to go back one page!



We can be reached anytime via email at  or you can call 617.710.3042 between 09:00 and 06:00 pm est. Happy shopping!

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Do I need an account to place an order?

No. You can place an order without an account.

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How do I order a gift certificate ?

Adornments offer gift certificates in denominations of $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, $150.00 and $200.00 to make it easy for you to give a unique and quality gift. 

Order a gift certificate and complete checkout. Shipping charges if applicable are added into the price of your gift certificate so that the recipient can enjoy the full value of the certificate.

In the :SHIP TO" portion of the checkout screen enter the recipients information.  You and your recipient will receive a confirmation of your order including the certificate number via email. A copy can also me mailed via the USPS if you wish.

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How do I redeem a gift certificate?


Pick out your item (s). 

Choose the payment option "CHECK" when going through checkout. Enter the certificate number.

Choose shipping option First Class or First Class International. I will cover any shipping charges not included in the original certificate purchase.

Gift certificates expire one year from date of purchase.

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How do I redeem a discount coupon?

At checkout type your coupon code just as you see it in your offer when prompted at the "ENTER  COUPON" field. Next to this field is a "REDEEM COUPON" button. Depress this button. The screen will refresh and your discount should now be applied!

If the "REDEEM COUPON" button is not depressed after you enter the code, the discount has not been deducted and will not show up. If the screen does not refresh, you have not depressed the "REDEEM COUPON" button.

If you receive and error code, please check to make sure that the coupon code was entered correctly. If you still need help, contact us at Customer Service.

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How do I pay by check or money order?

IF YOU ARE PAYING BY MONEY ORDER PLEASE USE CHECK NUMBER 999 WHEN PROMPTED AT CHECKOUT.  You will receive mailing instructions via email.  Payments by check and money order are due seven days from the day the order is placed.  Your item (s) will be placed on hold once the order is received. If payment is not received within seven days the items will be placed back into stock.

Payments made via check will have to clear into our account before your package is shipped.

We always let our customers know when we receive the payment and when the item has shipped. 

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Can I order by phone or fax?


To order by phone: 617.710.3042

To order by fax: 617.492-0634

To order by email mail send your inquiry to

Please be sure to include item numbers in any correspondence to avoid any delay in your order fulfillment. We will respond within 24 hours.

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What are your shipping charges?




*Delivery Time Per the USPS

First Class


3- 5 Days

Priority Mail


2- 4 Days

Express Mail



Insurance and Tracking: Included at no extra charge for orders over $50.00.


After May 14, 2007


*Delivery Time Per the USPS

Express Mail International


3 -5 Days

Priority Mail International


6-10 Days

First-Class Mail International

$7.00 - We offer a discount

Varies by Country

Insurance included at no extra charge for orders over $50.00 where available. If your order is over $50.00 and insurance is not available to your location your shipment could be delayed.

Buyer is responsible for all customs/duty fees.  It is the buyers responsibility to be aware of their own countries duty/customs fees. We kindly ask that you do not place an order and request that we falsify the customs form.  Amazing Adornments will not falsify customs forms.  We will not mark customs forms as gifts and we will declare full value of the shipment. We will not lie to our government or yours and risk future problems should a package with false information be seized.  By placing an order with us you agree to these terms.  

*Please note that the delivery times listed above are USPS delivery times and not something we can control.

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Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, as long as there are no restrictions imposed by the USPS and your package can be insured if over $50.00. If the latter, rare condition is the case we will email you with alternative solutions.

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How soon will I receive my order?

At Amazing Adornments, we ship the next business day [unless payment was via check] barring any unforeseen problems with an order. Sometimes an address needs clarification for example. Your order will arrive as stated by the USPS delivery schedule. There is no way for us to guarantee delivery dates or times.  For Express Mail, ETA's are available from the USPS upon request prior to shipment of your order.  Please ask for this service.

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What type of packaging do you use?

First Class packages: All jewelry that will fit into a First Class bubble mailer [less than one pound] is placed in a plastic bag and bubble wrapped. it is then placed in a jewelry box.

Priority Mail: Same as above. If the item is too large for a jewelry box it is extra bubble wrapped for its protection. If the piece will not fit in a plastic bag, extra bubble wrap is used.

All other method: Corrugated mailers, Express mailers. All packages are wrapped so that the jewelry or item is secure.

All jewelry is placed inside of a plastic bag as long as the piece will fit. This is to prevent any loss of stones that may become dislodged during shipment. Vintage jewelry is old after all and some of it with glued in stones can have this problem. It is due to the deterioration of the old glue and is an expected condition.

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What are your return policies?

Our items are sold as is. However, we understand that our customers cannot see the item except in a picture and that the best descriptions [and we try really hard to be thorough] might not be enough to fully describe a piece. If there is a problem with your purchase please contact us  ASAP and we will happily refund your money minus shipping charges. You must contact us so that we can authorize any return.

We do not refund insurance charges. We also charge a 3% restocking fee where applicable, for example if an item or items are returned without authorization. The restocking fee increases to 10% for bounced checks or returns that have been authorized and not returned within seven days for domestic orders and 14 days for international orders.

It is important to say that there are those that buy items they have no intention of keeping.  We feel this is abuse. As this is a business, and it takes time to prepare orders for shipping etc. we have no choice but to charge a 20% restocking fee if a customer continually buys and returns items. We are pleased to say that this does not happen often!

We do not issue refunds for buyers remorse, nor can Amazing Adornments be held responsible for items lost or damaged by the USPS if insurance is not purchased.

Items authorized for return must be returned via the same method they were shipped from Amazing Adornments and they must be in the same condition as we sent them in. Please use or return original packaging if possible.

The exception to this policy is for items in the TLC Collection.  Items in this room are sold as isTHEY CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please read the descriptions carefully. Please take a look at our costume jewelry condition document for more information on how we describe an items condition.

Buy placing an order with us, you agree to these conditions.

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What are your privacy policies?

Your information is safe here at Amazing Adornments. We use a secure server.  Your information is encrypted and it is not stored on our server for a safer transaction. We will never sell or divulge your information to another party.

We are a verified PayPal merchant and we use a thawte SSL certificate to insure a safe transaction between your browser and our secure merchant gateway processor. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.  Click on the icon below to verify.

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What happens after I place an order?

After you place an order you will receive a shipping status email. In this mail we will let you know when your order will ship and to where. If there are any questions regarding your order they will be addressed in this email. You item will ship the next business day unless we are not sure about your address. or have some other question and are awaiting a reply from you.  We will send you a shipping confirmation and a delivery confirmation number for USA shipments and a shipping confirmation number for International shipments. 

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I am getting an error when I try to order?

This could be for several reasons. First, make sure all of your entries are correct.

When using a credit card, the billing address must be an exact match to that on your credit card billing statement.

If it is a non- USA order please check to make sure you choose a country on the "ship to" and "bill to" address form.

Zip code field must have an entry even if your country does not use them. Enter 99999 if this is the case.

Make a note of the error message and where it occurred. Contact us at: with the information.

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What is your layaway policy?

(Item or Items totaling over $100.00 only)

Email us with the item number. In the email let us know if you intend to make installment payments or pay the rest of the balance within 60 days.  If you intend to pay the entire amount within two weeks installments are not necessary. We will send you an invoice with payment details. The item will be placed on hold for seven days pending the the first installment. Send us 25% of the price of the item and we will hold the item for 60 days once the installment payment arrives.

Make installment payments or pay your balance off within the 60 day period and we will ship the item to you!  We will send an invoice for each payment that you make so that you can track your balance.

If the balance is not paid within the 60 day period we will put the item back up for sale and your payments to that point will be forfeited.

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Is layaway the same as a hold?

No. Any item can be placed on hold for ten days without a deposit. Layaways are for orders totaling over $100.00 and a deposit is required. Item [s] are then held for 60 days.

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How do I view my wish list?

Each time you place an item in your basket you have the option of proceeding to check out or saving your basket to a wish list. When you choose save to wish list you will arrive another screen that will ask you to enter your initials and phone number. This is your wish list code. On the left hand side of most screens in yellow you will see the category link panel. At the bottom is a filed that says view wish list. Enter your wish list code here and depress view wish list. If you need help with this filed, you can click on the sideways red and white flag button.
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How do I share my wish list?

Give your wish list number that you created  [first initial + last initial + phone number (no hyphens or parenthesis). For example: WW5615551212 could be a Gift List number] to your friends and family. They should enter the number into the View wish list field on the bottom left hand side of most screens to view and select pieces from your list.

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Why wasn't my basket saved?

At Amazing Adornments we sell one of each item for the most part. It is not possible to save carts/baskets for this reason. Your basket is deleted and the contents returned to stock after 30 minutes of non- activity. We actually recommend saving your basket to a wish list if you intend to come back later as baskets are not saved for longer than 30 minutes.

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What is make an offer?

If you see something you like we will consider your best offer or the price you are willing to pay for the piece [s].  Just send us an email with the product number or the item description along with your offer. Please, when sending an offer for more than one item, place the item numbers within one email. We will respond within twenty-four hours.
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Do you appraise costume jewelry?


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Do you purchase costume jewelry?

Yes! Send images to

Please include images of any hallmarks and the reverse side of the items. Please note any damage. If possible include your asking price. We will contact you if interested.

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Do you accept consignments?


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How do I clean my jewelry?

As a general rule, we only perform light cleaning to pieces of jewelry we find. We do not polish silver. We use Jewel Joose and Sunshine Cloths for light cleaning. We recommend buying a general collecting costume jewelry book for additional information or read our page on Caring for Costume Jewelry. Here you will find some very basic pointers.

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What is a costume jewelry condition table?

This is a page of tables that outlines how we describe our used jewelry and other items. We provide this document because we understand that pictures are never sufficient when trying to determine condition of an item and condition is subjective. We try to be as clear and consistent as possible. We want you to know what you are purchasing and we want you to be happy with your purchase. Read the document here: costume jewelry condition document

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When do you remove your sold items?

Our sold items are never removed completely from the site. Our site is also used as a research site as well as a shopping site so the items are placed in our sold archive at least twice per year. You can tell which items are sold without clicking on the item link or small image by looking for the purchase buttons. If they are not visible, the item has been sold. 

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Can I combine coupons?

We try to offer the largest possible discount on our items. Our checkout system only allows one coupon per sale. If you use your store discount we cannot combine it with an offer discount. On occasion if asked in advance we can manually combine both discounts into one coupon dependant upon the cost of the item(s) to us.

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I wrote to you and did not get a response. Why?

We respond to each an every email within 24 hours. It is possible that your email never made it to our inbox or that the response is in your SPAM folder. If you use a service which provides links to unblock email before you receive the email in your inbox, we will not click on the links provided.

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Do you have a brick and mortar store?

No. This is a web only jewelry shop.
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